Giants, The Parallel Lives Of Frederick Douglass And Abraham Lincoln

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History is one of the most common references that society can explore to find information about the evolution of time. One might consider looking back in time between the early 1600’s to the late 1800’s in which there were many significant self-made individuals that brought about multiple monumental changes during this time. In fact, one understands that during this era in time Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln were instrumental in the fight to bring about change against one of the most verbalized issues, slavery. In John Stauffer 2008 book “Giants, the parallel lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln,” he argues “Lincoln recognized that he needed Douglass to help him destroy the Confederacy and preserve the Union; Douglass realized that Lincoln’s shrewd sense of public opinion would serve his own goal of freeing the nation’s black (cover page).” One will evaluate how each of these men self-motivating mindset changed their lives and others throughout the history of time.
Keywords: Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, abolition, slavery, orator, politician, emancipation
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Many blacks were ripped from their families, only to be sold off to work in the fields, and suffer by the hands of their white master. While slaves were prohibited an education, there were few that were born free that could read and write. While education is an important factor in shaping today 's thriving citizens of society; both Douglass and Lincoln had limited educational backgrounds, but it did not stop them from self-educating themselves. This literature review considers how Douglass got away and went from slave to citizen. how the two became self-educated and Lincoln to the turning point in their life to cause change. In

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