Ghost Light By Shawn Wright And Directed By Thomas Morgan Jones

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Ghost Light is a play written and performed by Shawn Wright and directed by Thomas Morgan Jones. I attended the performance at Theater New Brunswick’s Open Space theater in Fredericton, New Brunswick on Friday November 25th 2016. The one-man show told the story of a boy native from Saint John, New Brunswick. That boy was in fact the actor himself, you were transported in his world through a heartfelt and authentic performance. The play as inspirational as it could be told the audience that it is important to be true to yourself. The story of his his own life was a real “tear jerker” as one could say. An interesting trip that involved not only himself but other characters that shaped his life, one in particular his own mother. Through her impersonations we were able to discover the life of a strong, intelligent woman that had strong character and an immense sense of humor. Through laughter and tears we took as audience an amazing journey.

The set was very simple and light, the only thing that was in the space was 7 black pillars that throughout the performance would be dressed with a lit candle. The candles were used to illuminate characters that were incorporated through the stories Mr. Wright told. One candle was placed in the middle of the area and was the most important; the candle was for his mother. A very simple set can go a long way for certain types of performances, for this specific one an extensive set would have probably ruined the atmosphere that was created.…

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