What Is The Theme Of Ghost By Bahia De La Luha

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Have you ever judged someone and then missed out on the opportunity of knowing them? In the book “Ghost” by Raina Telgemeier, I learned that we shouldn’t judge things by our first impression. For example, in the beginning Cat thinks Bahia De La Luha is a bad place to live but then once she has lived there for a little bit she realizes it’s not. Also, in the beginning Cat thinks Carlos is a bad person but later on she thinks differently. In the end, Cat thinks ghosts are bad because they won't leave her sister alone and she thinks they might want her sister to “join them”.

In the beginning, Cat thinks Bahia De La Luha is a bad place to live, but after a while her opinion changes . For example, when she heard that the sun only shined there 62 days of the year she said “I'd rather die”(pg.6). This proves that she thinks Bahia De La Luha is a bad place to live because even in real life when we say we would rather die it usually means we're not a fan of something. Another example of this is, her parents moved
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But as she gets to know two ghosts she starts to think they’re cool and not that bad. One places that shows Cat thinks ghosts are bad is when they hurt her sister(pg.105). This is important because her sister means everything to her and now that her sister got hurt she thinks they want her. Another place this is shown is when they follow her to her house and won't go away (pg.130). This proves that Cat thinks ghost are bad because she thinks they want to see her sister and after what happened she can’t think positive about them. When she goes to the party she meets an old ghost who says, “Your spirit is good.” This shows Cat that ghost aren't that bad that they're nice and not what she thought(pg.196). This shows she thought that ghosts were bad things but she ended up being friends with one and thought

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