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During this course, you will be assigned various Critical Thinking Assignments. These exercises are designed to improve your critical thinking skills.
Below, you will find the Critical Thinking Exercise #2 summary. You will submit your written assignment by selecting Add a File within this Drop Box. Do not copy and paste your text in the Comments box!!!! The Comments box is there for you to send me a message along with your file, if you so choose. You must answer every question in this assignment.
You must answer every question in this assignment. As you work on this assignment, please number your response items so I know what question you are addressing as I read through your submission. This assignment is worth 25 points.
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You may even receive a zero. Please put forth effort in all of these assignments. It will be obvious if you are submitting work that you only spent 5 minutes on. I must see appropriate effort to award full credit for this assignment.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Humans are innately social creatures—we live in groups and depend on others for our survival. As such, we have personally encountered many of the concepts studied in social psychology at least once, if not many times throughout life. The goal of this activity is to think about examples from your own life that represent various social psychology concepts. For example, perhaps you despised skinny jeans when they first hit the market and swore you would never be so cruel to your circulation. Before you knew it, though, all of your friends were rocking the garb, and you suddenly felt compelled to squeeze into a pair yourself, demonstrating the social psychology phenomenon known as conformity. | Listed below are 5 Social Psychology concepts:1. Cognitive dissonance 2. Conformity 3. Obedience 4. Altruism 5. Deindividuation | 1. Briefly describe what EACH concept above means in social psychology terms. | 2. Give an example of having personally encountered EACH (EVERY) concept above. Fully describe your example and then explain why your example fits the definition of the concept. Feel free to use examples from any facet of

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