Ghetto Definition Essay

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Nicole Telesky The origin of a words definition can often be traced back years, decades or even centuries, thus allowing enough time for manipulation of its meaning to occur to where eventually the word becomes a commonly used, often randomly with little regard to its primary meaning. Such is the word “ghetto”. This word can be traced back into sixteenth century and here the twenty-first century, this original word has become part of our culture, but its current definition is far from original. The word ghetto has always been used to acknowledge a particular section of an area. In Venice Italy, it was used to describe neighborhoods where the city markets were located. The meaning then signified where the Jews in …show more content…
But in reality, if these guys were so proud, they would still be living there instead of their multi million dollar mansions. For the true people living in the ghetto, their not proud. No one dreams of one day ending up struggling to make ends meet, coming home to the part of town where everyone else fears to go. The street smarts however, are beneficial, teaching them how to look at for themselves. As for the kids who wish they were from the ghetto, they wouldn’t last a day in their shoes. Ghetto is often used racially. It becomes a stereotype that all ghettos contain are the drugs, thugs, violence as portrayed by media. Anyone black becomes labeled as ghetto trash. People forget about whom else lives in ghettos, like the struggling family with three kids whose father works two jobs and mother has to stay home. Instead of distancing, we should be looking for solutions to help those struggling in ghettos, like with the children who struggle to stay in school. Programs like the Boys and Girls Clubs works with children in these situations to give them motivation and opportunities, proving that there are people within the ghetto with bright futures ahead of them. There’s also the random use of the word ghetto. For some, absolutely anything can be ghetto. Something you may not be used to, like eating cold pizza for breakfast,

someone calls its ghetto. Anything you think is

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