Getting Prepared For College Is Exciting Essay

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Getting prepared for college is exciting. Many students choose to leave home and go away to school. Living on a college campus for many students will experience having a roommate for the first time. Living in a college dormitory, you learn how to be independent, how to respect individuals, and how to coexist with individuals. After my first year of school living in the dormitory, I understood that either you become great friends with your roommate or you will figure out to endure each other until the semester is over. I arranged my roommates into three classes: A party roommate, a filthy roommate, and an inconsiderate roommate.
The first type of roommate is the party roommate. School is the vast majority 's first measurement of flexibility and your roommate may appreciate exploiting it excessively. The partier is one of the most exceedingly awful sorts of roommates to have. They are not generally polite of other roommates. They come in late and constantly noisy. This is deplorable for me because I am a light sleeper and have a hard time returning to rest.
The second type of roommate is the filthy roommate. This sort of roommate is perhaps the most hard to manage. Fundamental cleanliness is the primary sympathy toward "the germ." This roommate can usually be found needing a shower, with messy garments scattered about both sides of the room, sustenance wrappers and dishes heaping up, and papers stacked to the roof. Different surfaces in the room are secured in a sticky…

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