Getting Out of the Box Essay

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Getting Out of the Box Paper
November 9, 2005

The Box, Getting Out of the Box, and What it Means to Me

In the book, Leadership and Self-Deception, the author shows us how leadership is affected negatively by something called Self-Deception. Self-Deception is a concept where one blames everyone else for the problems that are going on, where you can only see things from your perspective, you see through these rose-colored glasses that you don’t know are on. In the book they use the example of Ignaz Semmelweis, he was a doctor in the mid-1800s in Austria who couldn’t figure out why so many patients in his ward were dying. He tried everything he could think of to change the situation. He set the standard regulations
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To be out of the box we need to view and realized that people, no matter what their status is, are people. They are human beings with feelings and needs that should be considered. Two stories are told in the book concerning this. Both stories occur on airplanes, in the first a man has boarded the plane and taken his seat, he hears a flight attendant say that there are some extra seats on the aircraft. This man then decides to place his briefcase and part of his newspaper on the vacant seat adjoining his in an attempt to discourage anyone from sitting there. This is an excellent example of being in the box. This man was not considering the needs of others, he was only concerned with what he wanted, he viewed the other passengers as nuisances, as pests who were there to make him as uncomfortable as possible. In the second story a man and his wife board an airplane that is completely sold out. It is looking like they will not be able to sit together as there are no two seats together, upon hearing them discussing this an elderly woman who happens to be sitting next to an empty single seat offers to let them have her seat and the one next to hers and that she will sit somewhere else. Now these people didn’t ask her for her seat, in fact, they didn’t

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