Getting Mad And Shutting Down The Communication Essay

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Accepting criticism is not easy to do for anyone. We are taught at an early age that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. So when someone is criticizing you it is hard to consider it thoughtfully because it is usually considered something bad. This is not always the case, it is healthy to receive constructive criticism about ourselves and it is how we grow as individuals. Everyone is not perfect and it is okay to realize that we all have faults and I have learned recently that it helps us become better communicators.
Furthermore, we need to learn to how to respond to criticism constructively. It is normal to become defensive when someone offers criticism in a negative manner. But by being a good communicator it is our job to ask why they feel that why instead of getting mad and shutting down the communication. Doing this doesn’t help the situation on either side and can hurt the relationship. “Other’s criticism may make us aware of our blind spots in interpersonal communication” (Wood, 2016, p. 239).
Consequently, this was the perfect week to do this assignment because I had my yearly physical scheduled with my primary care physician. I feel that by taking this class that I was able to go into this appointment with a more open mind than usual. I reminded myself to take her criticism openly this year because I can honestly say that I didn’t last year. She told me last year that my liver enzymes were elevated and that I needed to lose 10…

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