Getting Laid Off from a Job Essay

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Getting laid off from a job
Tonya Hunter-Martin comm 215 may 25, 2010
Dr. Williams


Getting laid off from a job Losing a job is very stressful. This experience leads to depression, worthlessness, and frustration. Losing a job is disappointing and affects everyone in the household. If he or she has felt that a job was secure at any time; being removed or laid off could have come as a shock, and the feeling of humiliation and betrayal could be felt. These feelings and all these emotions are real, but in time they will go away. Initially the thought of disappointment may occur, and there is no reason to hide these feeling from friends and especially family. Talking to the spouse and children
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These opportunities could lead to greater finances than a previous place of employment. This is a chance to bring the family together and use the family’s creative side. Getting together and utilizing everyone’s ideas could be a productive event. This will allow each family member a chance to feel like he or she have contributed to the forming of the business in which he or she have created. Finding a good time to discuss problems and not ignoring them, is very helpful to a family experiencing a layoff. The tension of lack of money and not being able to cover every expense will put additional weight on a family and relationships. Journaling and setting up a time for a discussion to take place will help relieve some stress. Some of the activities normally enjoyed by a family may have to be altered. Playing games at home and watching family programs will relieve stress as well. A layoff will allow a family to come together with a sense of closeness not normally felt. Spending time with each other instead of away from the home is an advantage of a layoff. Relationships will be affected in some ways, because of a layoff, but it does not have to be in a negative way. Nobody likes drastic change concerning his or her life. Sometimes tragedy can lead to triumph, but an individual person has to create a solution. Every job is not a high-quality job. If a layoff occurs, take the time to figure out if

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