Getting Hired : Successfully Employed People With Disabilities Offer Advice On Disclosure, Interviewing, And Job Search

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Jans, L.H., Kaye, H.S., & Jones, E.C. (2012). Getting hired: Successfully employed people with disabilities offer advice on disclosure, interviewing, and job search. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 22(2), 155-156.

Many people with disabilities face employment barriers that prevent them from finding a job. In the article, “Getting Hired: Successfully Employed People with Disabilities Offer Advice on Disclosure, Interviewing, and Job Search,” individuals with disabilities are informed on when to inform the employer of their disability. Also, this article presents information on how to get hired and provides interview strategies to help emphasize their strengths. This article gathered qualitative data from 41 successfully employed people with disabilities in California, Hawaii, and Nevada. Of the 41 people surveyed, 48% were working for private non-profit companies, 52% were working in federal, state or local government jobs, and 20 of them were women. When looking at the research obtained, it was found that the participants generally recommended the discussion of the disability with employers to occur right away, especially when accommodations were needed. It was further explained that even if a person’s disability is considered “hidden,” it is still important to discuss the concern so the employer does not dismiss the applicant as different or as someone who just doesn’t fit in. Also, for those people with visible disabilities, it is important to proactively…

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