Getting For Mrs. Pam Langel House On A Slippery Cold Day Essay

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Getting to Mrs. Pam Langel house on a slippery cold day, I was welcome by her dogs barking at my car, I carefully parked the car so as not to step or hit them. As I look at the mirror I saw her stepping out of her house calling the dogs in order with a loud voice saying “Stop that” and she approached me with a smile saying afraid not as we both walked back to the house. She open the door and offer me to sit in the living room where I could see a bible and a note she is writing. She asks me if I will like to drink anything with a different option which I opted for just a glass of water. As she is giving me the water she smiles asking how am coping with both schooling and working and started praying for God protection over my driving to and fro to school and thanks full for her family in and out of the state asking God to protect them all. She wrapped up the prayer asking God to bless my family and that she is happy seeing me going to school and want God to teach me. she is someone who has a respectful feeling toward God, not only did she love God, she love her family and display kindliness and concerns for other by voluntarily asking people she love what she can do to help because she found courage in it. Her growing up was full of fun, she was born on a farm into a family of 14 children and she been the first daughter gave her a lot of responsibilities to watch and care for her younger siblings. Living in the same area where she grew up makes her childhood so…

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