Getting A Job For Teens Essay

953 Words Oct 7th, 2015 4 Pages
Today, many teens have taken up jobs in fast food restaurants. Getting a job is monumental in a teen’s life, as it represents a way for teens to earn money and gain independence. While education is important, the jobs teens obtain are beneficial and have a much bigger impact on students’ lives, as they allow them to gain valuable skills they would need in order for them to succeed in the future.
Many adults call teens irresponsible. This may be true, but getting a job can help teens develop responsibility. While students learn to do homework and study for school, they also learn that they have to arrive on time ready to do their jobs. These jobs set a foundation in which teens understand what is required for them to succeed in their future careers. In a more professional setting, workers are expected to take on more tasks if assigned and to have them done by a certain time. Without the maturity of responsibility, they would not have any of their required tasks completed and can cost the company hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
Financial independence is a way working teens can demonstrate their responsibility. They gain skills that help them to budget responsibly and to rely on their own money rather than their parents for their needs. This will help the young adults in the future when they are managing their money to efficiently pay bills, which is something not generally taught in high school. With the increased cash flow, teens could save up and help pay to further…

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