Essay about Getting A Grip On Philosophy By Neil Turnbull

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Philosophy is the study of human nature, knowledge, on what is real and the study of real being. The meaning of philosophy comes from the “two ancient Greek words; ‘philo’, meaning to love’ and ‘sophia’, meaning ‘wisdom’” (Turnbull 2). Philosophy is the search for wisdom and an act of thought. Philosophy can be correlated to the “way of life”, which is a form of thinking that can guide you to a “higher and better way”. In the book, “Get a Grip on Philosophy” by Neil Turnbull, Turnbull speaks about the Sophist and how they connect to the philistines and technocrats. In addition, to prove the ascent of knowledge one must look at the Allegory of the Myth of the Cave and understand Socrates and Plato’s effort to find what Turnbull would call the “higher and better way” in order to prove the Sophist wrong. Furthermore, Turnbull saw that some individuals said that they were philosophers but they were not. To be a philosopher you need to ascent above the second level and try to reach the sun or the idea of the Good. Technocrats were considered fake philosophers, they studied physical stuff and focused on the technical stuff like the technical questions. Technocrats are stuck on the second line, they cannot ascent above because they do not know any more than what they are perceiving and cannot leave their bodies behind to let their mind take over. Their study of knowledge which is known as epistemology is limited to their experiences and because their knowledge is limited their…

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