Getting A Driver 's License Is A Rite Of Passage For Many American Teenagers

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Getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage for many American teenagers. The problem with this rite of passage is many of these same teen drivers get in an accident. Geico, an automobile insurance carrier, reported one in five first year drivers were involved in an accident. To decrease this number many laws have been passed. According to the Office of the Revisor of Statues, a government website that contains all laws passed in Minnesota, when a teenager first gets their license they start off with a provisional license that limits the hours in which they can drive and the number of passengers in the car. Some people have argued that having someone in the car can help the driver; I believe this is true if the passenger is an adult over the age of 20, but a teenager in the car will be distracting to the driver. A passenger under the age of 20 can increase the likelihood of getting into a car crash because of attention taken away from the driver’s focus, and the peer pressure to do unsafe activities in the car, such as speeding. As a state, we should restrict the number of passengers to one person under the age of 20 in their first year and continue the limitation of three people until the teen turns 18. In this paper, I will discuss the brain’s ability to listen to someone talk while driving and the effect another teen in the car has on the driver’s actions. In the state of Minnesota, when a teenager passes their test they have three restrictions, the first one being…

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