Get The Log Out Of Your Eye Case Study

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Part Two: Get the Log out of Your Eye
The second of the workbook is titled “Get the Log Out of Your Eye”. This is always the most difficult aspect of conflict resolution. We are prideful by nature, and as such humility can sometimes be a very difficult virtue to possess and portray (Pollard, 2010). Often times, as I can see here, this is increasingly more difficult since our pride tells us that the person to whom we are to humble ourselves in often, in our eyes, guilty of an offense that doesn’t inherently justify a humble response. That is why, as Christians, this is exactly the response we are to have. We must not let ourselves think that we are victims of our circumstance, but instead we are the result of our choices. As Christians, and especially when working in a position of service, we must carefully consider our choices and how they will influence others and impact God’s work. I’m sure, deep down you desire for him to reciprocate this attitude, and it’s important to understand that the only way for this to happen is for you to first demonstrate that very attribute (Downey, 2017).
Is this Really Worth Fighting Over?
There is a very important distinction between mere aggravations or annoyances and true consequential conflict. It’s important to recognize this and not let those small insignificant details that irritate or bother us to lead to conflict or strife. Instead, have an understanding, humble, approachable, and forgiving attitude. This alone can mitigate much

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