Get Em Out Of The Shed Analysis

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Get ‘Em Out of the Shed
After reading “Get Em Out of the Shed” I started to think of my encounter with the healthcare system. Although I have never been to the hospital for anything as serious as the main character in the article, I can say I’ve felt like a box to check off on a to do list rather that a patient before. Reading this article motivates me to assure that no matter how tired I get, or how mundane work gets to not let the treatment I give be only focused on efficiency. One think I believe that would guard against “efficient” therapy is communications. I believe as humans we all want to some degree to be understood and to feel affection. I’ve personally worked with many healthcare providers that do an amazing job communicating with
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After reading the list I admit that there are things on it I was unaware of, and I’m sure that many are oblivious to their rights as patients. If patients don’t know their rights it makes it much harder for them to make a decision. Trying to make a decision without have all the information is a very difficult task. For example, if you had to choose a place to eat but didn’t know what kind of food the restaurant served or how expensive it would be problematic to make a choice base on your limited knowledge. Similarly if you didn’t know you have the right to privacy, to be informed, or to make medical decision you would be at the mercy of the hospital and it’s staff. Though doctors and healthcare providers should have you’re best interest in mind they will not always know your values, the culture you come from, or your personal background so therefore wouldn’t be able to make a decision for you. If I was a patient and it came to decisions that involved my health and life I would want to be informed and know I have the final say. If I didn’t know my rights as a patient, I would essentially be forfeiting those rights. Having a document that explains a patients right allows patients to be informed and make better decisions that could affect their health and …show more content…
It really shows that different cultural backgrounds really does affect an individual’s values and can affect the choices an individual makes. In regards to infirm parent care I imagine a caregiver not only gains but also looses a lot if they choose to keep their parents at home. The first thing I think of is the time that would be lost. As a caregiver you would have to devote so much time to caring for your parents that you would have to make many sacrifices. This for me would be hard because time is a very valuable thing. I would really have to weight the pros and cons if I ever had to make the decision to become my parents’ caretaker. Secondly I think a caregiver would have to give up a certain sense of freedoms. When there is another human being depending on you, you aren’t as independent and won’t have the freedom to come and go so conveniently. The caregiver has to think not just for one person but for multiple poeple. The caregiver has to work around the schedule of the one he or she is caring for and looses a sense of freedom. Also a caregiver may loose resources. Not only does it take a lot of time but it also takes a lot of money and

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