Modern Rape Culture

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Gestalt psychology dictates that the law of simplicity governs the inner workings of the human mind. This law asserts that human beings organize perceived stimuli into the simplest forms possible in order to make sense of the world. Humans like to keep things simple. As does rape culture. In this modern culture, it is profusely easier to say that she asked for it, or she wanted it, or that she was lying than to accept the fact that somebody could be a rapist. That sort of thing does not seem possible to us simple humans, or moreover something that we do not want to seem possible... Hence, many go about in a manner that nourishes rape culture. A rape culture is a culture in which no one is a rapist, it is presumably the victim’s fault, and …show more content…
This is absolutely non-sensical. There are no categories of rape. Despite the fact that Whoopi Goldberg believes there is rape-rape and not really rape (128) does not change the fact that if a someone’s body was penetrated unwilling it was rape. Whatever adjective or famous celebrity pared with “rape” cannot change that brute fact.
Returning to the idea of simplicity, humans love to believe that “He didn’t mean to”(14). It is so much more pleasant to believe in the good of mankind, but for some reason we have no problem accusing equally guilty felons. Here is the fact, rapists rape serially. Bill Cosby, for example, he did not rape one but rather 25 women. Or perhaps Joseph Bong, Bong raped a hotel clerk and a blind Patty of Wisconsin. Or even Harding’s rapist, this rapists crime against multiple girls is what allowed harding to even identify him in the first place. Rapists rape. It is not an
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Pretend you are craving oranges. Your friend just ate, he doesn’t want more food, and he doesn’t want your oranges. Are you going to force him to eat your food? No. If he wants an orange, he will get an orange. Therefore, just because someone has a sexuality that they enjoy expressing does not imply that they want someone else to penetrate them. Harding writes the anecdote “The woman who admits she was drinking and wearing a tight dress, that she willingly danced, or even went to a second location with her rapist…has a story full of red flags, in the eyes of investigators” (76). This is the rape myth that she wanted it effecting this Jane Doe’s justice. It is unjust to think because she expressed sexuality she automatically wanted to be penetrated.
She lied. Did she though? According to the best available data “false reports are zebras”(61) or better quantified as only 2-8% of the reports(4). The problem with rape as a crime is very often it comes down to one person’s word against another’s. The root of this lies in a “Rape culture encourages us to scrutinize victim’s stories for any evidence that they brought violence upon themselves, and to imagine ourselves in the terrifying role of Good Man, Falsely accused, before we “rush to judgment” (page 4). But would a victim of arson, armed robbery or theft be scrutinized as those of sexual

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