Germany : The New World Essay

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On February 14th 1917 a Chicago newspapers decided to change the papers name from The Fatherland to, The New World. The explanation for the change in named is described by the editor of the paper, George Sylvester Viereck, “We do not believe that we forfeit our right of free speech, because we are Americans of German descent…” also Viereck states, “We want to stress the fact that America is our country, not merely the country of those whose progenitors came with the Pilgrim Fathers. We are the heirs of the New World and the Old. The issue that I focused on was volume six number two. There is a central message in this particular issue, the message is that Germany is not the enemy and the United States to fight with Germany instead against Germany.

Viereck does his best to make the point that The New World is a mouthpiece for “American of German descent who desire to emphasize that their allegiance is to America solely.” Viereck even goes as far to state that “Between America and Germany, or between America and any other land, we are for America always.” Throughout the entire paper, there are examples of when writers suggest the United States and Germany fight together. One example that found was on page twenty-three, the essay is written by James K. McGuire and is titled “The German Declaration for Ireland.” In this essay, McGuire recognizes the importance of freedom for Ireland and state that the America needs to help, “In the great work of restoring the freedom of…

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