Germany And The United States Essay

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Germany’s health care is very similar to the United States in certain aspects. In Germanys health care cost is paid mostly by health insurance companies. The access to care for a patient will depend on the type of health insurance that they have. Depending on which one they have will depend on the type of care that a person gets in Germany. Health care providers get paid in a variety of ways. As for the quality of care Germany has good quality for what people are paying. With health care there are benefits and issues that both Germany and the United States face. Germany spent about $411.5 billion in 2013 on health care (Green and Irvine). Compared to the United States, Germans spend a lot less on health care. Just like the United States, Germany’s health care is funded by the government and insurance companies (Green and Irvine). In the United States we have a lot of doctors per patients and a lot of doctors that are coming out of practice. As for Germany the ratio of doctors to patients is 3.8 doctors for every 1,000 patients but, in Germany the demand for doctors is going to increase because there are not that many people coming out of medical school as doctors (Green and Irvin). Since Germany spends less on health that means that the doctors also get paid less in Germany than they do in the United States. Doctors in Germany are salaried and those salaries are fit into the hospital budget, the budget is negotiated between the hospital and what they call the “sickness…

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