Germany and Canada Essay

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Thus, there is need to investigate the issues or factors that facilitate economic mobility between countries as a way of establishing an evidence-based argument on the reasons why the economy institutions of Canada seem more productive than those of Germany. An exclusive conclusion will be drawn regarding the contributing factors to the differences in economies between Germany and Canada, and hence ways that can be used to reduce the economic gap between the two countries.

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The economic status of a country has been observed to be influenced by various parties, which are with inclusion of public and private institutions and organizations that are considered to be for-profit firms. Economic institutions that contribute to the improvement or decline of the economic performance of countries include the financial institutions and organizations, the educational sectors, the agricultural organizations and institutions and more importantly the political sectors of a country. The contemporary living standards of people in a country would be impossible in situations where there are no exchanges and entrepreneurial activities that are facilitated by the market scales (Stiglitz, p. 17). The functionality of economies of countries is bound to the presence of sound capital and the rule of law among other factors such as the security of chattels rights. Research has
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