Essay about Germanic Romance

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Germanic Romance as a Getaway from Medieval Society
Erec and Enide, Parzival, and Tristran were all very popular Medieval Authurian Romances which have captivated many readers through the years. I too have found reading them to be very enjoyable experience. I particular liked the aspect of reading stories that were written centuries ago, which has given me some insight into the culture of medieval northern Europe. I have been able to realize the importance that medieval people placed on the ideas of being a knight, courtly love, and King Authur’s court. I believe I know why these works were so popular, it was because works like this allowed individuals of medieval societies to be taken away to a fantasy land where everyone was beautiful
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During this time the King Henry was leading an English invasion of Ireland which definitely was a gruesome affair that many English men were fighting in. Also during this time the Second Crusade was taking place. Now if we look at what was happening during the beginning of the 13th century when Wolfram von Eschenbach was writing his Parzival, and Strassburg was writing his “Tristan” we can see there was a lot going on. First, we see that the third crusade had just ended and the fourth crusade was about to start. Also, we see that the Philip of France had embarked on a fight against King Richard of England to take back French fiefs that Philip thought Richard had too many of. Knowing that all of this fighting was taken place it is logical to think that life during these times were very hard on the men of these countries because they were the ones who had to fight for their Kings who were power hungry.
These men did not have any choice in the matter they had to fight and fighting back in those days was gruesome. The book “Medieval Warfare” talks about the brutality of the war that these medieval men experienced. One passage from this book that resonated with me is when the author describes a battle at Agincout on St. Crispin’s day where it is estimated that 10,000 men were killed. Imagine that, in one day 10,000was soldiers lost their

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