Essay on German 's Became Friends With Ukrainian Police

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German’s became friends with Ukrainian police and they helped Germans in massive killing in Babi Yar. After the majority of Jews were shot others like partisans were brought to the ravine to be shot. Partisans were killed by Ukrainian policeman and one of the policemen refused to shoot people it seemed that there was his brother in the crowd; Germans specially rigged this spectacular a brother to kill brother, after the German officer came to him with a gun he shot and left because felt sick. Everybody else was shot with explosive bullets and their brain flew to faces of people who stood next to them. Minor infractions drew floggings, a table made in the carpentry shop with a recess to fit a human body, was brought out. Victim was placed in the recess and pressed in with plank that covered his head and shoulders, while two hale and hearty numbskulls from among the camp hangers on diligently flailed away with sticks which they jokingly called “automatics”, to receive two hundred automatics meant sure death. August 13, 1943 all the inmates of the Babi Yar were marching out onto the central square, army trucks rolled in discharging helmeted SS men and dogs. Fascists realized that they had to liquidate the camp. They worked hard, hurriedly ringed the ravine with fences for concealment and camouflaged these with twigs. In other places they planted trees and shrubbery. The road to Babi Yar from town was blocked off. When trucks approached with supplies the German drivers…

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