Essay on German Leitz 's Nazi Foreign Policy

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Christian Leitz’s Nazi Foreign Policy, 1933-1941: The Road to Global War thoroughly examines Nazi Germany’s interaction with major countries between 1933-1941. Leitz focuses specifically on major countries and regions. These areas include: Italy, France, Britain, Poland, Soviet Union, American hemisphere, Southeast Europe, and East Asia. Leitz does this my dividing the book into seven chapters, each one devoted to a particular area. This allows for an analysis of Nazi Germany’s international relationships and foreign policy and how how this lead to the eventual development of war and the Holocaust (pg. 8).
This book not only focuses on the Nazi regime as a whole but directly approached Hitler’s decisions and actions during this time. Hitler dictatorship was extremely unique. The Nazi regimes perception of countries and regions were different for each one. Leitz separately describes Hitler’s personal opinion of these places and how it affected the Nazi government interaction with these places. Each chapter, therefore, is completely different. While Leitz does references the various areas in each chapter, the chapter itself is completely focused on one. The continuous theme that is seen throughout the books is how influential Hitler’s personal opinion of each areas government and leaders were strongly reflected in his foreign policy. Hitler and the Nazi government would (on many occasions) withhold their true intentions for an area, only to show their true intentions later.…

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