Walter Benjamin's Rationalism

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German fascism resulted in the mix of so many historical events which unfortunately brought disorganization in the natural order of the way the world was functioning. Some of these historical events included Germany’s humiliation after their loss in World War 1, economic and industrial deprivation, and most of all modernization of art and literature. The term fascism is deeply associated with Adolf Hitler’s recognition all over the world, even today because he deliberately turned Germany into a fascist state, the very basic reason of his popularity. From all of his rule over Germany, the question arises whether he was a structuralist or an intentionalist. He was heavily involved in politics and due to his hold over Germany’s political scenario …show more content…
Around 1936, Walter Benjamin who was a German philosopher, propounded an expression or more over entitlement, a title to the period of Adolf Hitler. He talked about this term under the premises of German fascism in order to highlight all the activities, decisions and strategies used by the Nazi regime. Walter Benjamin simply stated this term which was further explored and criticized by many renowned critics of the time. Benjamin brought into consideration the subject of politics, he made people curios enough to think about what are the actual measure of the political system of a state, as the term was being referred to the era of Hitler’s political stragical system. People tend to comment upon how Hitler was using the title of politics under his own desires of experimenting cruelty over humanity. This impact of aestheticization of politics over German fascism was being more clearly exposed by Benjamin’s colleague, Siegfried Kracauer, and disclosed the factuality of the occurrence and promotion of Nazism under this highlighted title of Hitler’s aestheticization of politics. In reality this was an idea of his own dictatorship over Germany, drawing a distinctive line between reality and fiction. People all over Germany got overwhelmed by Hitler’s idea of

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