Essay on German Culture And The German Club

794 Words Sep 20th, 2016 4 Pages
There are many organizations all around UT but the one that caught my eye the most and the one that I’m gonna be writing about is the German Club. I chose this organization because my heritage is almost complete German and throughout the past couple years I have been interested in learning the German language, learning their history from all the way back to when the country was first realized to all the way to present day and most of all just really getting to know what my heritage is about. The German club is the perfect club because in it they teach all about Germany from its language, culture and history and since history is one of my favorite subjects I really can get involved because I always love to learn new things about Germany’s history. I’m trying to learn the language and the club discusses the language so it could be a perfect way for me to learn German even faster throughout the months until I reach my goal of becoming fluent in it. The culture that they teach us is another thing I’m interested in because I want to embrace my German culture, while also learning some of the things that Germans do throughout the day and night that I might’ve not known about. The club holds its meetings every Wednesday at 12:15 pm in a small conference room on the second floor of the Field House. In order for me to join the club I must support all functions, activities and programs by paying dues, attending meetings and serving on committees, to be a voting member though I must be…

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