Geothermal Energy Case Study

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Scenario: I am the Facility Manager at Liberty Athletic Club. Liberty Athletic Club is a family owned and operated private tennis club with a large fitness area, basketball court, indoor track and multiple swimming pools, among other things. The club opened its doors in 1973 with only tennis courts and since then has continued to grow to an exceptional 110,000 square feet. Our problem is this, since growing the building and the HVAC systems have not grown with it. We have serious issues controlling temperatures in the facility and condensation builds up on our air conditioning units and drip profusely. Members constantly complain on hot summer days about the grueling temperatures inside of the club, even though the temperature is set much farther …show more content…
Geothermal heating and cooling is energy provided by the earth. Below the earths surface, it remains at a stable, moderate temperature year round (Allen 2010). Geothermal energy takes advantage of this temperature using a pipe system in the ground called a “loop”. These pipes can give and take heat very easily and they can also pull energy from a nearby body of water, which is beneficial to us since we are located on a piece of property next to a lake. Geothermal energy is a renewable resource that produces zero emissions. It is not difficult to maintain either. This would be a great, energy efficient and cost effective option seeing as that it can lower the energy bill by up to 80% (Egg 2013). It is practically free energy. The main downside to this type of heating and cooling is that there are very heavy upfront fees. Geothermal energy is over 150 years old but many people are only just now finally beginning to take advantage of this wonderful option (Allen …show more content…
Investing in geothermal heating and cooling would do wonders for our club. The initial installation cost is a hefty fee and much larger than that of a conventional system. However, the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to geothermal energy. This type of energy is extremely energy efficient and the amount of money we will save on the energy bill will be worth the upfront fees. This system is also very eco-friendly and does not rely on fossil fuels (Egg 2013), which is something that not only is important to us but is important to our earth-loving clientele. Geothermal heating and cooling systems are also very durable since they are underground, which also means, they are quiet. No outdoor compressors to become damaged or vandalized or make any excess noise. Due to the fact that there are no outside compressors and the systems are underground, this will also save us a great deal of space inside the club and around the property (Allen 2010). Maybe now we can finally get that outdoor track all of the members have been suggesting. These systems typically require much less servicing than your typical HVAC systems which would keep our maintenance costs at an all time low. Geothermal energy provides the utmost comfort when it comes to humidity, which is an absolute must-have considering our indoor pool areas. Lastly, but certainly not least,

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