Essay on Georgia 's Illegal Immigration Reform Act Of 2011

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I am uncertain about using this text for my essay because it evaluates immigration at the national and international level. Since international immigration data can be different than the United States immigration I think the arguments presented may not fit in very well in my essay.

Smith, Ron. "Overly Severe Immigration Laws Weaken The US Economy." Western Farm Press
34.17 (2012): 17. Business Source Complete. Web. 28 Oct. 2016.

Smith’s article examines Georgia’s Illegal Immigration Reform Act of 2011. Smith points out that the act did not live up to its predicted expectations. Instead of creating 11,000 jobs for citizens, the act cost Georgia 3,000 jobs and an estimated $350 million dollars. Smith also presents executive director of Georgia’s Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, Charles Hall 's, perspective. Halls discusses the consequences of the law on the agricultural workforce. He makes it clear that the law affected the agricultural industry the most, by depleting their workforce by 20% and $1.8 million. Overall this article responds to a “jobs bill” by outlining its shortcomings and urging the government to recognize immigrant workers’ contribution to the economy.

The article for the most part has an informative tone. Instead of taking a side, it presents the facts of the aftermath of an enacted law that did not function as expected. This source consists mostly of appeals to credibility since figures of authority are quoted presenting facts on the issue.…

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