Essay about Georgia Organization Of Immigrant And Refugee Aid

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The organization that I would create in the future is Georgia Organization of Immigrant and Refugee Aid. This organization would provide help in all areas to immigrants and refugees of the local Atlanta area. This organization would help immigrants better understand their new home and help them make a successful transition. I chose the Atlanta area because it is currently home to a large percentage of immigrant and refugee population. I have also chosen this target group because my family and I are immigrants, and I have noticed throughout our lives in Georgia different aspects of an immigrant’s life that could use some guidance and help. For example, legal assistance, tax information, employment help, translation and other important fundamentals that are second nature to someone who was raised in the United States. All of these are subjects that immigrants and refugees have to learn in order to become contributing citizens and this organization would be able to help them in their learning process and provide the right tools in order to succeed. The mission of this organization is “Providing immigrants and refugees with the right set of tools in order to become contributing citizens in the United States. Focusing on the small and large scale norms of an American life and using the right resources in order to achieve success while continuing to embrace cultural diversity.” The mission statement of the organization is important because it must be appealing to a diverse group…

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