Georges Pompidou: French Architecture Design Center

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The video is about Georges Pompidou center. At 1969 when Georges Pompidou became the president of France he aimed to build a culture center in the downtown of Paris that contain a vast library, art museum, design center, and institute of contemporary music. Therefore, he organized an architecture competition, and for the first time in France, the outlandish architects were allowed to participate. Between six hundred and eighty-one design, this design has been choosing. This design is by the two foreign architects, the British architect Richard Rogers and the Italian architect Renzo Piano. “to build a monument to culture is difficult enough when you are fifty, as a thirty-year-old it is impossible. Richard and I kept asking the same question, what is culture? When you never find the answer all we could do is to build a kind of home, a shelter, and then wait and see” (Piano,2011) The unique about this design is planning to use only half of the area and leave the remain for the forecourt. As all the remarkable projects suffer from criticized, this project exposure designation like scrap metal, and the insult to good taste. …show more content…
The design of the building is creative, yet exotic. Whereas the architects placed proudly all the functional parts outside the building. Observe all the functional parts is uncommon which makes the building peculiar. However, at the western side of the building, the architects installed walkways for each floor. At the same side, is the escalator. This escalator transfers the visitor to the fifth floor. On the other hand, the eastern side contains the loading elevator, the air conditioning, and electric cables. Each function has its own color, red for transform, blue for water, green for air, and yellow for electricity. Owing to the visible functional parts the building acquire its unique

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