George Washington 's Secret Six Essay

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This book was co-authored by Brian Kilmeade, New York native. Kilmeade broadcasted for six hours a day during the average work week. He has written three books including George Washington’s Secret Six, one of which is another book he co-wrote with Yaeger about Thomas Jefferson. And Don Yaeger who is an award winning speaker. As well as an eight-time New York best seller, and a business leadership coach to many businesses around the world. They both are said to have the storytelling ability. They have used a combination of their skills in a unique way to produce very eye catching titles, to which they then make the history jump off the page and into motion before your eyes. Kilmeade and Yaeger state in the authors note that this book is written in order to honor those that were in Washington’s Secret Six. Kilmeade and Yaeger wrote this because they felt like those who risked their lives did and do not get the credit that they deserve after all without them we probably would have lost the war and still be British. This is because the Continental Army was not really an army when compared to the British troops at least. They wanted to bring to life for us what it might have been like if we had actual accounts of the espionage that was performed in order to outwit the British military in order to win the Revolutionary War. Kilmeade and Yaeger basically put it in blinking lights that they will be very much in the business of making these men and this woman heros in the eyes of…

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