George Washington 's First President Of The United States Essay

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When most people hear the name George Washington they automatically think first President of the United States. However, though he was the first president he was also so much more. George Washington is by far the most important figure in the history of the United States. Against all military odds, he liberated the thirteen colonies from the superior forces of the British Empire and presided over the process to produce and ratify a Constitution that has lasted for more than two hundred years. In two terms as President, he set that Constitution to work with such success that, by the time he finally retired, America was well on its way to becoming the most powerful and richest nation on earth.
Washington was a brilliant military mind in his later years, though this was not always the case. During the French and Indian War, Washington in his younger years commanded several hundred men for more than three years. He had led his men well, but his record was hardly perfect. He was with General Edward Braddock and his 1,700 soldiers in Pennsylvania when they were ambushed and routed by a smaller number of French soldiers and Native Americans. In addition he was in command when he suffered a humiliating defeat at Fort Necessity in the Ohio territory. Though this did not affect the rest of his military career.
After his career in the French and Indian War Washington was reluctantly selected to lead the Continental Army. During the French and Indian War Washington had never commanded…

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