George Washington 's Farewell Address Essay

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Initially, the Americans took interest in imperializing other countries after their previous mindset from the 1700s to the late 18th century where the United States claimed that they did not have the desire to extend their influence towards foreign territories. Thus, in order to keep themselves true to their word, George Washington published his Farewell Address that claim that the United States would stay completely out of European affairs if they were given the same treatment in return. At first, the statement was especially relevant for the American citizens because during that time, it was in the United States’ best interest to protect as much of their land as possible from invasion because of the fact that the country was not a whole yet, meaning that it was easier for countries to take certain parts of the country. But eventually, after the South and the North united together, the Americans no longer desired to follow George Washington’s Address and instead, felt the desire to pursue the path to claiming more recognition as a worldly power. Thus, throughout the late 19th and early 20th century, the United States ultimately made the decision to start imperializing other countries, or in other words, spread their country’s ideals and gain more power internationally. These motives that began the process to imperialism were as a result of the economic, political, cultural, and social needs that surrounded the United States at the time. Although all of these motives…

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