George Washington : The First, Richest And Most Popular President Of The United States

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George Washington was known for being the first, richest and most popular president of the United States, to people he was a very essential man and also one of the most remarkable leaders called the Father of the County. He was one of the greatest forefathers, he did not only served as president, but also as one of the greatest generals in the history of America. His main goal was to protect the country and to expand it. George liked to live his life very occupied and busy, he was truly proud to be an American. The Washington family arrived to the new world in 1657 adjusting in Virginia. John Washington was George’s great grandfather who was born in Purleigh, United Kingdom on 1633. There wasn’t really much content that exists about George’s past ancestors but according to this article John was an English Virginia planter. He was married three times, first with Anne Pope who he really fell in love with and had three children named Lawrence, John and Anne, when Anne pope died John then married Anne Gerrard, and when Anne Gerrard died he married her younger sister named Frances Gerrard. When John got married to his first wife, Anne’s father gave him a wedding present of 700 acres on Mattox creek in Westmoreland County. He then became a very successful planter and depended on the indentured servants to grow tobacco and kitchen crops and also depended on the labor of slaves. Later on John Washington died at the age of 45 on 1677 in Westmoreland, Virginia.
Lawrence Washington…

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