George Washington And Thomas Jefferson Essay examples

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George Washington and Thomas Jefferson - two of our nation 's greatest presidents. They have multiple memorials named after them, and they have their faces presented alongside Theodore Roosevelt 's and Abraham Lincoln 's. Both of the men are also featured on currency, Washington on the one-dollar bill and the twenty-five-cent quarter, and Jefferson on the (rather uncommon) two-dollar bill and the five-cent nickel. But Washington came first, and Jefferson was third, so someone had to come between the two men, another great, respected man of the time. That was John Adams, who is commonly overlooked, and is not as revered as the former two men are. Yes, John Adams did great things with his own reliability and style, but they aren 't as well remembered or talked about. While the overall majority shows that Adams didn 't perform such "heroic deeds" as the overall public majority would say about them, like his predecessor and successor, he was accomplished very much in his own way. John Adams was a competent president who was able to accomplish much, despite having big shoes to fill, left by the previous holder of the presidential office, George Washington. John was never reported to be involved in any scandals during his time in office. Adams was also able to keep to his own mind, avoiding the influence of his own cabinet, kept over from George Washington 's eight years in office. Most of them were already against John Adams, instead siding with his political enemy and rival,…

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