Essay about George Washington And His Presidency

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The research provided is about George Washington and his presidency. It provides a depth and knowledge of the kinds of things George Washington accomplished for the United States government. This paper focuses on the election process of Washington, the United States first president, how the election process is similar to what we have today. Another main idea in the essay was Washington’s involvement of the Constitution, he had many ideas that were used in the making of the Bill of Rights. Washington also was considered the leader of the Constitutional Convention, which was a convention to talk and form the Constitution. Also, the Anti-Federalists had challenged the making of the Constitution claiming it was not protecting individual rights, but they had failed to stop the making of the Constitution; their efforts were not in vain because the Founding Fathers provided individual rights in the Bill of Rights, due to the complaints by the Anti-Federalists. Lastly, Washington utilized and exercised his power as the first president of the United States, to pass and veto bills.

“To form a new Government, requires infinite care, and unbounded attention; for if the foundation is badly laid the superstructure must be bad. (George Washington quotes. n.d.)” This is a quote that George Washington wrote in a letter to John Augustine Washington on May 31st, 1776, which was over a decade before he became president. 227 years ago, the United States inaugurated our first president,…

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