George Washington And Aaron Burr Faced As The New Government Of The United States

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In the book () written by () , the author explains the challenges the founding brothers including George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr faced as the formed the new government of the united states. The author splits the book into seven sections, each telling a different story or series of events. The author tells the reader that they should understand the events both on how they actually occurred, and how they were portrayed when later revealed. The book focuses on important aspects of the revolutionary war as well as the influences each founding brother and their contributions to American history, and how it all helped shaped America into what it is now. “Mostly Male, all white, this collection of public figures was hardly typical of the population as a whole: nor was it, on the other hand, a political elite like anything that existed in england or Europe… They were Americas first and, in many respects, its only natural aristocracy” (Joseph J. Ellis, 13) Rather then being royals in England, this group was made up of farmers, land owners, soldiers, and others of similar titles, the American aristocracy was based on talent not title. These were the people who helped make America as great and stable as it stayed for many years, and is today through determination and understanding.
The duel describes the most famous duel between Alexander Hamilton, and Aaron Burr. These two men met on July 11th, 1804…

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