George Washington: A True Leader

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George Washington was not a weak leader, he was quite the opposite. He was selfless, brave, also a humble leader. He was renowned as an excellent military strategist. He was the first to be appointed to the most admirable position. However the position was not an easy feat to maintain; nevertheless, a strong leader such as George Washington was well suited for the task.

In the years of the Revolutionary War, George Washington who serviced as the Commander in Chief for the American Army; had great knowledge on war strategems that he learned in his time in the French and Indian War. The title was given to him by the Continental Congress, upon learning about his achievements in the French and Indian War. The same strategems were then put to use
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Just as when he needed to be at the Continental Congress for the assurance of the finished draft of the U.S. Constitution (Source 2). George as one of th Founding Fathers was the main foundation for the nation we live in today. On of George's accomplishments was the realization of America's state after the war, the country was weary. However he used the influence gained during presidency and he established multiple treaties; which resulted in America to be rebuilt to its own glory(Source 2). George as a leader knew war; but, George also knew when to put war in the past, so that our nation may have peace for our reconstruction.

Finally our honorous and powerful leader George Washington was at peace in his private life; comfortable with the state he left his nation in, he knew it was in safe hands. Ultimately George Washington was the strongest president, aswell as the most needed person at the time to keep the America flourished, free, and safe. His military knowledge kept this country defended; his dedicated leadership for our nation kept it in control, and his love for his people kept hopes high and his historical legacy

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