Essay about George Tindall And Howard Zinn

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George Tindall and Howard Zinn discuss the same events in history, but have very different ways to explain it to the reader. The main difference between these authors is George Tindall gives more facts and accuracy, while Zinn offers quotes and sometimes biased answers. George Tindall is harder to read than Zinn, but he gives straightforward information; while Zinn shows what people were experiencing at the time of these events. Both authors cover the topics of strikes, black rights and social justice in different, yet knowledgeable ways. Both authors have much to say about these topics and they both cover them differently. This paper will discuss how each author explains the topic, and how they differ.

Later into the Progressive Era, around 1910’s to the 1920’s, there was a lot of corruption in the work force. People were beginning to stick up for themselves and demanding what they deserved. Higher pay and safer working conditions is what was most wanted and these reasons are enough to start a strike. George Tindall talks about strikes by using the 1902 Coal Strike as an example. “On May 12 some 150,000 members of the United States Mine Workers walked off the job in West Virginia and Pennsylvania. They demanded a 20% wage increase, reduction in daily working hours from 10 to 9, and a formal recognition of their union management,” (Tindall 723). Tindall gives a brief summary and provides easy to understand facts. Instead of picking out a single event Zinn uses a quote to…

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