George Saunders’ “The New Mecca”: The Gap between Reality and Conceptuality

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Tasfia Kamal 11/21/13
Professor Walker Communication Skills George Saunders’ “The New Mecca”: The Gap between Reality and Conceptuality “The New Mecca” is an essay in which author George Saunders engraves different experiences he had throughout his Dubai trip. In the beginning he tells the readers that everything they are going to assume about Dubai is going to be wrong unless they see Dubai by themselves first. He
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He mentions all the countries around Dubai are in a messed up situation because of their several religion and fanatic ruling reasons. As Dubai is the only stable rich country among the region it progressed more than any countries ever did in that short amount of time. But then it raises the question that who is doing all these works and where is it even getting all these money from? At the dinner where the author was having a conversation about Dubai bank system, one person who knows all about these mentions that Al- Qaeda is not attacking Dubai because they have their money reserved here. In a result al- Qaeda helps Dubai and vice versa. After having that conversation with friends, the author came to the grasp that there might be more truth to learn about Dubai. This whole thing made him question himself more about what’s right and wrong. The author understood that the world sees half the truth and there’s this other half of the truth always hidden behind the curtain. This realization affected the author so bad that he ended up thanking the god for not giving him a critical mind to think more deeply about these. He stated, “Good point, I say, thanking God in my heart that I am not a real Investigative Journalist.” Dubai has been modernized in only last couple of years. Even though it has everything reorganized it still looks like an ancient city. Everyone falls in love with the place the moment they get here. The author mentioned that he

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