Argumentative Essay On George Pataki

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George Pataki, served as the fifty-third Governor of New York from 1995 to 2006, a member of the Republican Party and an American lawyer who was elected as Mayor of his hometown, Peekskill, then being elected into State Assembly, and onto the State Senate. Pataki ran for Governor in 1994 against Mario Cuomo and winning by three points. On May 28, 2015 Pataki announced his nomination for the President of the United States. Bernie Sanders, born in Brooklyn, New York, and elected as mayor of Burlington, Vermont from 1981 to 1989. Sanders served as a congressman for sixteen years before being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2006. He is the junior United States Senator from Vermont and on May 26, 2015 he announced that he would join the United States presidential elections. Among several candidates in the election these two candidates run against each other in the presidential election of 2016, and despite running against each other they have some similar views. Sanders is very adamant in having economic equality, he states that if elected, he would target the progressive economic agenda that creates jobs, raise the minimum wage, and protect the environment and provide healthcare for …show more content…
Pataki does not have a foreign policy background like Sanders does so he is put at a higher disadvantage. Sanders views on foreign policy are in several countries and organizations. Problems in Afghanistan still stand from the 9/11 attack, China’s trade policy and alliance with America, diplomatic relations with Cuba, supporting Greece in its economic downfall and debt crisis, stopping ISIS completely, the prevention of Iran’s nuclear program, relieve our relations with Iraq, neutralize the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, affiliations with Latin America, pressure Russia economically to prevent war, and much more, while Pataki plans to only counter the problems with ISIS so far by sending troops to destroy their

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