George Packer 's The War Essay

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1. The contract that we lost was with ourselves. America couldn 't uphold its own contract. American people are suppose to be the good guys and going out of the way to help people to ensure a better life for all. But within the last war, George Packer had realized that America has changed and things are not the way they once were. In his opening statement he had compared a green zone, in the Iraq war, to Illinois. It is, in a way, America taking the war to a not so serious level. The Americans that lived behind the walls of the green zone were able to not have to see the war for what it truly was. With living behind the wall they didn’t have to encounter the Iraqi people everyday and see how the war was truly effecting them. They weren’t able to see the real damage the war was causing. Then they were able to go home and forget about the country who was headed in all the wrong directions. It is clear that Packer thinks Americans have changed significantly over the past 40 years. He does not think that we have changed for the better, but instead, for the worse. Americans have lost sight of the values we use to have. As Americans we have been changing constantly for a long time. The contract could not have been invalidated over night, it took some time. Americans just kind of got use to the fact that it was easier to turn a blind eye to somethings and not get involved in things. So we all just became accustomed to not having to be involved.
2. Technology has done a complete…

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