George Orwell 's Piece Columbus And Western Civilization Essay

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Power is colossal within the human race and desired naturally by all beings. It identifies with authority, influence, dominance and control; all elements associated to distinguishing those who subsist with superior significance within society. Leaders typically aim for power and strive to reach the top of the chain, however only some can qualify to be a leader. It may come with family name, certain characteristics, or money. With such power, the extent of authority obtained is considerably high. Equally important, the impact on the world those with power is immense. George Orwell wrote within a novel “Who controls the past controls the future. And who controls the present controls the past” (Zinn 89). Howard Zinn elucidated this quote in his written piece Columbus and Western Civilization, a text that raised issues regarding the regulation of diverse decades. Power allows the being to control such a thing as time. Often we conceive time to be an uncontrollable quantity, however, in this context time is perceived inversely. Time as a quantity is not controlled, but the elements that compose a certain time is coordinated. Explicitly, these elements are the fundamentals of a constructed society. For the most part, the most significant oscillated component is ideology which refers to the “shared ideas, perceptions, values and beliefs though which members of a society interpret history and contemporary social events and which shape their expectations and wishes for the future”…

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