George Orwell 's Novel, 1984, Big Brother And The Party Essay example

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Power is demanded by everyone, this idea allowed individuals the ability to control and brainwash the minds of masses. In George Orwell 's classic novel 1984, Big Brother and his party were dominant figures. They had the ultimate power to run the city of Oceania, and with this power they had the ability to control the society. The power Big Brother withheld helped them keep the citizens in Oceania on their toes. They controlled the society by establishing fear amongst the people in Oceania, they controlled the language and communication and they controlled reality amongst the lives of the citizens in Oceania.
Fear was the reason individuals did not live their lives. Fear held people back, it pulled an individual downwards. Fear was one of the main tactics Big Brother used to control the minds of Oceania. Big Brother and the party established horror and terror into the society to control them, the idea of fear allowed Big Brother to keep his power, which made the citizens of Oceania listen and accept the principles and rules he established. One major item that possessed Oceania with fear were the telescreens. The telescreens with "its never-sleeping ear. They could spy upon you night and day" (Orwell 174). Those telescreens were constantly watching the population, there was no sense of freedom or privacy. They were being watched regularly and those telescreen picked up the slightest emotions from their facial expressions to their body language everything was seen, even…

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