Essay on George Orwell 's Novel ' 1984 ' And ' Big Brother '

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The main idea of George Orwell’s novel 1984 was “people are sheep”, and in this novel Big Brother is the Shepard. Everything about this totalitarian government seems like such an unrealistic way to live, not being able to have any sort of privacy or any kind of original thought, without fear of being arrested by the thought police for treason. The people in this story can’t safely do much of anything outside of just merely existing. The worst part about all of it is, nobody even bothers to question it. It is not unreasonable to think that the general population of Oceana could band together and overthrow the government. There is only a select few individuals that are a more central part of the Party, so they are greatly out numbered. But what keeps this seemingly easy idea from becoming a reality is the systematic “dumbing down” of the people as well as brainwashing the next generation. The society as a whole also functions on pure fear which only gives power to the Party and Big Brother. The overall tone of this novel is that of looming despair, and it is symbolized in various scenes throughout the story. In part one when Winston is introduced it is made apparent right away that he is not happy. His life is just as plain and bland as he is, but like everyone else he doesn’t do anything to change it. He drinks to forget about just how unbearable life is under the rule of Big Brother. More specifically the attitude of Winston towards Big Brother is subtly portrayed in the…

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