Essay on George Orwell 's Lord Of The Flies

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While Golding presents his characters in desperation and degrading into savagery as a need to survive, Orwell creates a society which has deliberately advanced to its current state, due to those on top. However, both novels are similar in the way that power is a central theme and want of all characters, whether the power is over something physical (Jack’s power over the boys, O’Brien’s control over Winston) or over an abstract concept (Simon’s control of the beast, the Inner Party’s control of ‘free’ thought). Fear is used as a tool to keep this power in control in Nineteen-Eighty-Four, while in Lord of the Flies the boys are manipulated by their fear. Both Orwell and Golding show the ways in which fear and power corrupt the characters, and show the effects these have on themselves and others. Violence is used in both novels, and the fear of violence to keep power is referred to throughout both novels. The main power struggle in Lord of the Flies is between Ralph and Jack, who eventually controls all the boys mainly due to their fear; however in this is the struggle between civilisation and natural instincts, resulting in savagery. Throughout the novel, the beast evolves, and the boys mimic this progression. Even at the start, when the hunters arrive they are described as a creature: ‘something dark was fumbling along… The creature was a party of boys’. As the boys degrade into savagery their actions become more animalistic and less human. During the death of Piggy, the…

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