Essay on George Orwell 's Letter From Birmingham Jail

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The language is a most powerful weapon that we can use for to create a great impact on others; moreover, it has influenced over time. In "Politics and the English Language", George Orwell develops pretentious diction can misleading people from the language and language is a reflection of our culture and society. On the other hand, in "Letter from Birmingham Jail", Martin Luther King, Jr. shows his belief about the segregation and tried to get the support from the community. In both texts, George Orwell and Martin Luther King, Jr. both show that political leaders use the language to encourage the individuals in society by making an encouragement to bring them together and convince people to trust them.
George Orwell believes that pretentious diction would lead people hard to understand the piece of work. He states, “The result, in general, is an increase in slovenliness and vagueness”. This means when people more prefer to use pretentious diction, their words would be more difficult to understand. The examples that George Orwell list on the first two pages, those writers use the pretentious diction and it causes their works look complex and confuse. What are they try to say? How can reader understand their work? So it is necessary for people to use clearly and concisely words to express their thoughts. Otherwise, not all of people can understand that piece of messy work.
Although George Orwell criticizes how people abuse the language, George Orwell doesn 't deny that…

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