George Orwell 's Dystopian Society Essay

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A dystopia is often characterized as an undesirable and dehumanizing vision of a future government or society. Dystopian citizens frequently undergo technological oppression by a totalitarian government which can trigger a rebellious response. George Orwell uses the dystopian society in 1984 to portray the risks of technological progress in the near future. Technology can be entwined into a dystopian novel to illustrate the introduction of a new way of thinking or living. Technological advancements in the hands of the Party are shown to display how destructive a society can be with ‘Big Brother’ watching constantly. In 1984, Orwell portrays the use of governmental commanding technologies, such as oppression, espionage, and obtaining absolute power to illuminate the defects of dystopian societies.

The Ministry of Love is the main power source from which the current of oppression flows in Oceania. The Ministry has the full capability to obliterate personal thoughts and replace them with their self-determinedly righteous beliefs and ideas through the use of technology. They achieve this by ultimately wearing down their victims. Winston is placed in the Ministry of Love for months after being captured. The Party uses some literal technological devices which allow the reader to “recognize the profoundly dehumanizing effects that living under such a regime have on Winston Smith” (Stewart). Once Winston is placed in the Ministry, O’Brien uses multiple sources of pain which force…

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