George Orwell 's Animal Farm Essay

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Leadership is a quality that some leaders do not have. Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, is a satirical book that compares a farm owner to the czar of Russia. Farmer Jones had once been a capable farmer, but in the aftermath of a very damaging lawsuit he becomes an alcoholic and became known for his harsh rule over the animals. Instigated by Old Major [the animals leader], the animals rebel by driving out Farmer Jones, his wife and his workers, and remove him from power, supposedly ending the days of extreme hunger and labor. Animal Farm relates to the February Revolution by lackadaisical leadership of both Russia and the animal 's farm. Russian citizens were not ecstatic about their leaders during this time, so they revolt against them, hoping someone who is beneficial to them and their country takes over. Czar Nicholas II was a poor leader at his absolute best. The citizens were growing tired over his lack of effort in the throne because he was not doing much for the country. Thus getting the people of Russia fed up with his ways, they then started to revolt against him. Eventually, after all that was going on concerning about the Duma, Legislative Branch in their government, he continued to ignore their say in matters involving the country, and led to him abdicating his throne. Although, “Nicholas still had no idea…He ignored alarming telegrams from the politicians” (Pipes 79). Czar Nicholas II was blowing off warnings that the other politicians were saying, and…

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