George Orwell 's Animal Farm Essay examples

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When it comes to making a film based off a book, oftentimes the film rarely comes close to the similarity of the book. With that being said, a man that goes by the name of George Orwell writes an allegorical novel named Animal Farm and this novel portrays the Russian Revolution. Orwell in known for being a novelist, journalist, and a critic; his work shows awareness to social injustice and that is what he showcased in the novel. Although the novel does not directly tell us that it 's based on the Revolution, one can tell because of the choices of words, characteristics, and events that Orwell uses through the characters and the setting. After nine years since Orwell’s novel was published, an animated film was made relating to the story. When it comes to the book Animal Farm it has a message that says, power as well as words can lead to corruption and oppression and in regards to the film, it did showcase the message. However, the film missed a good amount of historical events and details that were shown in the novel. In comparing both the novel and the film, the events that are missing from the film takes away the suspense and mood of the novel. If George Orwell was to see this film, he would be dissatisfied. The film does not satisfy the novel as it could’ve. It seems as if the novel showed more of historical events and meaning to the revolution rather than the film which seemed more as of entertainment.

Eric Arthur Blair who used the pen name George Orwell was a…

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