Essay on George Orwell 's Animal Farm

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INTRODUCTION: Someone in position of power might do anything to maintain their position. They disregard the rule and strive to be superior over everyone. This is seen in George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm through the antagonist napoleon. Napoleon starts to take privileges for himself. He was able to manipulate and intimidate other animals and assume power. This is displayed through Napoleons use of propaganda, actions, and violence. This shows that as Napoleon rises, the source of power corruption becomes more evident.
TOPIC SENTENCE: As Napoleon rises, the source of power corruption becomes more evident.
Propaganda is one of the many ways he uses to rise to the top. In the novel, George Orwell represented propaganda through the character squealer who serves as Napoleon mouthpiece.
1. POINT: Squealer paved way for the rise of napoleon. He is an excellent speaker therefore he was able to convince the animals that Napoleon is always right, only acting in their best interests and is doing everything for the good of the farm. They always change the commandment in other to benefit them whenever they violate the original commandment. For example when the pigs are found sleeping in Mr. Jones bed, they changed the commandment so they would not be in trouble.
PROOF: 'No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets,"(61).
COMMENT: This shows how the pigs use language in other to manipulate the lower class who are more gullible and naïve.
-The more powerful the pigs seem to get,…

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